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We let you fill in the blanks from great quotes, dumb quotes, and more. There are so many Great Books out there that, well, if we had written would sound idiotic. So we need to step up our game and put some of that great literature up for you, us, and everyone else to mangle hilariously. Register or sign in to vote, favorite, and fill in the blanks for quotes.

How it Works

  1. Read complete great quotes from your favorite people and authors
  2. Fill in the blanks if you want to make your own great quotes
  3. See versions of quotes that others have made ('User Quotes') by filling in the blanks
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Why 'QuoteIdiot' as a Name?

Mostly because many of these quotes are great (though not all -- i.e. anything from Donald Trump), but we give you the chance to make your own version and vote on versions others have made. By removing certain words or phrases from quotes in the 'Fill in the Blanks' version sometimes we also hope to emphasize what we think are key aspects of those quotes. The juxtaposition between what someone might write versus the original quote helps highlight this. And often it's funny while also making you think. Sometimes it's just funny though.

But you can also just enjoy the quotes without having to register or log in.

Our Purpose

Our goal is to show the contrast between the ridiculous and the sublime, and give you a place to read it all. Check back frequently to see our growth and improvements! We're just up and running but will be adding more quotes all the time. We are expanding our repertoire to include a more diverse set of authors, because that's essential.

Help us in our mission. Be funny, be kind to one another, have fun,


Steve, the most idiot